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Flirt.com can boast more than 1,000,000 members worldwide. That’s an impressive number, but how does it compare to some other Aussie adult dating sites? You’ll find out in this review. We won’t speak about other sites, though. We’ll focus on Flirt.com and the benefits it can give you.

Expert Review

We’ll start with pros and cons, so you don’t waste time reading the whole review if you realize Flirt.com isn’t for you.

The Good
  • hookups are easy to get
  • high member activity
  • affordable premium 3-day-trial
  • great usability and design
  • good special features
The Bad
  • the real fun is reserved for premium members
The Bottom Line
  • Flirt.com is a dating site with more than a decade of experience in connecting flirty singles. They know what people need, and they know how to help people get that.
Member Choice 4.0
Match & Search 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Privacy & Safety 4.0
Help & Support 4.0

Member Quality

Flirt.com is one of the few dating sites where women outnumber men. There are 60% and 40% of males. Although there are more than 1,000,000 members worldwide, the Australian community on Flirt.com isn’t huge. There are approximately 250,000 singles in Australia who use that dating site. Don’t get us wrong, that’s still a big number, but one other thing is more important than the number of users. If the community is full of abandoned accounts nobody will use ever again; you won’t get lucky there. Luckily, Flirt.com has a healthy, active, and growing community.

Flirt Members

Flirt.com Sign Up

When a dating site is made to help you find casual partners, it doesn’t need some complicated sign-up process. You want to go on a date as soon as possible, so it would be stupid to smother you with 100 questions while registering. All you have to do to become a user is:

  • select your gender and sexual orientation
  • mark your age
  • enter email (it’s needed for verification)
  • write password
  • choose your location (the matchmaking algorithm will use it to show you singles in your area)
  • verify your account by following the link you’ll get in an email

Safety Features

According to other reviews and our experience on Flirt.com, that’s a 100% safe dating site. The first wall of protection against scams is verification. Other people usually block members who don’t verify their account, so don’t skip that simple step.

When you see some suspicious account, you can report and block it at any time. That report is reviewed by the Flirt.com support team and can have banned from the site as a result. Still, you’ll notice some fake profiles who’ll try to contact you. They’ll be fake (photos of celebrities and stuff like that). Block them and focus on real singles.

Flirt Sign up

Search Filters

Flirt.com developers weren’t extremely creative while creating search methods for their dating site. But luckily for everybody, they didn’t have to be creative because the search methods they provided are working perfectly. As a free user, you’ll have a chance to use both manual search and the “Like Gallery”.

The only difference between free and premium members (when it comes to searching) hides in the number of available filters. Once you go premium, you’ll feel like you can find a perfect match immediately after adjusting filters. We tried it, and it worked for every member of our team.

Flirt Search

Legit Members

We mentioned fake profiles earlier. It’s impossible to avoid them in the world of online dating. Sites are doing their best to keep them out of their community, but some people have nothing better to do, so they create fake profiles. However, they are so easily detected that we don’t understand why people do that. The percentage of fake profiles on Flirt.com isn’t worth mentioning. We’ll tell you something about legit members.

As you know, there are almost 2 women for every man on the site statistically. Every user is over 18 years old, but most are between 25 and 35 years old (44%).

History of Flirt.com Dating Site

Although this might be the first time you hear about Flirt.com, that’s not a new dating site. That’s a site with more than a decade of experience and success behind it. Flirt.com was founded in 2009. Their reputation among casual dating sites is rising steadily ever since.

The only bump on the road was when they decided to cancel free premium membership for women. Ladies didn’t like that, so some left the site. Owners decided to fix everything with an affordable 3-day-trial. It took some time for (female) members to adjust to the new policy, but now everything is great, and ladies are happy to be part of the community.

Statistics on Flirt.com

Ah, the numbers. We don’t like them either, but they’ll show you how good Flirt.com is.

Memberships Base

We mentioned it before, and we’ll do it again because it’s so good - there are more females than males on that dating site (60% women - 40% men). 69% of members are under 35.

Membership Base Size

With more than 1,000,000 users around the world, Flirt.com goes in the middle-sized Aussie adult dating sites category. Of course, the number of users in Australia is much lower than 1,000,000. Approximately 250,000 singles on the site are Australians.

Relationship Type, Status, and Needs Served

Everybody is looking for casual relationships with other singles. If you want to satisfy your sexual desire, that dating site can be of great help.

Geographic & Language Covera

Almost every user speaks English. The second language by popularity is Spanish, but it’s not even close because most members are from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Nothing worth having is free, but Flirt.com still gives a lot of its services for free.

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

Free features:
  • registration and profile creation
  • using the “Like Gallery” to find matches
  • browsing members
  • sending free “Winks”
  • adding people to “Favorites”
Paid features:
  • unlimited chat
  • advanced manual searching options
  • sending and receiving photos and videos in chat

(See feature breakout)

Subscription Payment Options

You can choose between 5 membership plans (prices in Australian dollars):

Duration Pricing
3-day-trial 5,42 AUD
1 month membership 36,90 AUD
3 months membership 62,26 AUD

Accepted Payment Methods

Credit cards are the only payment method available at the moment.

MasterCard Visa


How can I Message Other People on Flirt.com?

Free members can read messages, but they can’t send them. To unlock unlimited chat, you have to become a premium user.

Is Flirt.com Available on Mobile?

Although the app wasn’t introduced yet, most members use Flirt.com on their phones through browsers.

Does Flirt.com Track my Location?

Yes, but they do it to show you matches who are close to you. Not to exploit your data.

This Flirt.com website review showed statistics, prices, and more about that popular dating site. It also provided a couple of safety advice. We can’t do much more than wish you good luck with flirting.

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