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The Good

According to the info we gathered for this review, Tease.com is 100 percent free. In addition, it is tailored for Australian dating, making it the go-to choice for singles in the country. Because it’s free, members can freely send and receive messages. The registration process is also easy and fast.

The Bad

Tease.com does not have a large user base. There is also a significant number of scammers and fake profiles on the platform. The regions covered are also limited because the dating site concentrates on Australia. The website also only supports one language – English.

The Bottom Line

Tease.com is one of the Aussie adult dating sites that is simple to use. Despite its small user base, it’s one of the best platforms for local dating in Australia.

Member Choice 2.0
Match & Search 3.0
Ease of Use 3.0
Privacy & Safety 2.0
Help & Support 2.0

Member Quality

This dating site confines itself to Australia. A large majority of the members are therefore from Australia. The website is open to all types of people and ages, although the largest proportion is the young and middle-aged. As long as you’re 18 years and over, you can join Tease.com and enjoy all the free services on the platform. Because it’s a completely free platform, expect to find a significant number of fake profiles on the website.

Tease Members

Tease.com Sign Up

We had to sign up to try the platform for this Tease.com website review. As was expected, the registration process was easy and fast. All that is needed is basic information, and the account will be ready for browsing. During the registration process, you don’t have to answer every question. However, in order to get the best results in terms of matching, you’re advised to answer as many questions as possible. It is because the matching software at Tease.com uses member info to create matches.

Tease.com will send you an activation code in your email. The admins will then have to check your profile before they can set it to active. This process is essential in minimizing the number of fake profiles and scammers on the dating site. Once it’s active, you can start browsing and contacting other users.

Safety Features

We didn’t encounter any problems when trying out the dating site for this review. But this doesn’t mean that there are no scammers at Tease.com. You, therefore, have to take caution when interacting with other users. The admins try as much as possible to go through the profiles when signing up to minimize fake profiles and scammers. However, you should also not share personal information with people you’re not sure about.

Details such as your personal phone number should only be shared with people who you are sure you want to meet. If anyone asks for credit card number details, they’re probably scammers, and you should report them.

Tease Sign up

Search Filters

Unlike other dating sites, you don’t have to be a member of Tease.com to search for registered members on the platform. Depending on how you look at it, this is both a good and a bad thing. For non-members, seeing profiles of the members might help them decide on whether to join or not join the website. If you see a significant number of users who meet your preferences, you will likely join the website. The fact that non-members can see their profiles might make them feel that Tease.com is not private enough.

You can do a basic search of the members through the front page of Tease.com. An advanced search can be done through the search link on top of the pages.

Tease Search

Legit Members

You have to take personal initiatives to identify real users from fake profiles on this dating site. As a free dating service, anyone can join it, including scammers and fraudsters. The admins try to filter the profiles by going through them before approval when signing up. It means that a majority of users are real genuine people seeking partners through Tease.com.

History of Tease.com Dating Site

Tease.com is a 100 percent Australian-owned dating site. Records indicate that the dating site was started in 2005. The website is operated by several guys from a small office in Perth, Australia. This dating site is completely free. There is no much additional information about this platform.

Statistics of Tease.com

The most important fact about this dating site is that it is 100% free. It means that anyone can join for free and use all the available features without paying anything. Members are allowed to upload a maximum of four photos. The recommend maximum image size is 600px height and 800px width.

As a free site, you may be asking yourself the number of messages that Tease.com allows its members to send. Believe it or not, you can send as many messages as you want - there are no limits. According to the founders, the original plan was to make the website free until they’ve reached a user base of 20,000 people

Membership Base

Number of People on the Dating Site

  • Estimated active users: No figures available
  • Male vs. Female members breakdown: No figures available

What Users Are Looking For

  • Relationship status(es): Single
  • Relationship type(s): Straight
  • Looking for: Long-Term Dating—Hookups—Casual Fun

Countries Covered by Tease.com

  • Australia (English)

Tease.com is designed for the Australian audience. We didn’t get any information on whether there are future plans to expand the dating service to other countries.

Free Versus Premium Features on the Platform

Tease.com is a 100 percent free website. It means that there is no premium membership or services. All features are free. Features available on the platform include a search function, sending messages, uploading photos, chat rooms, and instant messaging.

(See feature breakout)

Premium Membership Packages

There are no premium plans for this service. The service is completely free.

Available Payment Methods

There are no payment methods because you don’t have to pay to use Tease.com. No sections or parts of the website are locked. There are no hidden charges either. Tease.com does not need your bank details or credit card number to access the services.

MasterCard Visa


Are there different types or levels of membership at Tease.com?

No, there is only one type of membership, which is completely free.

How many messages can I send per day?>

You can send as many messages as you can.

Why is my profile not showing up?

If you’re new and have just signed up, or you’re already a member and change your profile, the profile must first be reviewed by admins before it shows up.
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